Should you be a Veteran or Reserve/National Guard Soldier, consider the benefits of an advocate who understands your credentials and sacrifices and can best communicate your case to the prosecutor.

You should rely on a Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer (learn more at ).  This is a credential determined by the standards established by the New Jersey Supreme Court, New Jersey’s highest appellate court, based on a review of a criminal lawyer’s past trials, recommendations by judges and other lawyers and an evaluation by the Board on Attorney Certification.  

ADULT CRIMINAL OFFENSES.  Few are born with the ability to prevail in court.  It is a skill that must be earned and an experienced criminal litigator should have tried homicide cases, and countless other types of charges, as both defense counsel and prosecutor, in numerous venues to include state and federal courts, in military courts-martial and even administrative proceedings.

JUVENILE AND MUNICIPAL OFFENSES. These same trial skills are necessary for juvenile and municipal offenses.  Choose a lawyer that has actual experience as an Assistant Prosecutor in trying juvenile cases, handling motions and resolving charges by negotiation to arrive at a favorable disposition.  

Regarding municipal charges, experience in private practice defending those charged with municipal offenses or disorderly persons charges, ranging from drunk driving to harassment and assault.


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